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The LG Chem Renewable Energy Storage Unit (RESU) is one of the best battery storage units available on the market, and at a very competitive price. LG Chem is an industry leader in lithium-ion battery manufacturing and the quality and warranty are backed by the larger LG company which ensures a long-lasting product that delivers. The LG Chem battery can be coupled with a Victron inverter/charger or SolaX hybrid PV inverter/battery charger so it is suitable for both new and existing PV systems. It comes in three different sizes and up to two can be coupled together in a single box if more storage is required.

Technical specifications

  RESU3.3 RESU6.5 RESU10
Nominal energy 3.3 kWh 6.5 kWh 10 kWh
Nominal capacity 63 Ah 126 Ah 189 Ah
Dimension (width x height x depth) 452 x 401 x 120 mm 452 x 654 x 120 mm 452 x 483 x 227 mm
Weight 31 kg 52 kg 75 kg
Nominal voltage (DC) 51.8V 51.8V 51.8V
Operating voltage (DC) 45.2V – 58.1V 45.2V – 58.1V 45.2V – 58.1V
Peak power (25°C) 3.3 kW 4.6 kW 7 kW
Expected lifetime (25°C) >10 years >10 years >10 years
Cycle life (90% DOD, 25°C) 6,000 cycles 6,000 cycles 6,000 cycles
Available operating temperature -10-45°C -10-45°C -10-45°C
Optimal operating temperature 15-30°C 15-30°C 15-30°C
Storage temperature -30-60°C -30-60°C -30-60°C
Enclosure protection rating  IP55  IP55  IP55
Cooling Natural convection Natural convection Natural convection
Round-trip efficiency 95% 95% 95%


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