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The sonnenBatterie eco system is one of the best batteries on the market.

There are many reasons for this, not least because it uses our favoured battery chemistry, Lithium Ferro Phosphate (LFP), making LFP affordable by packaging it in a more compact system and by sacrificing “unnecessary” extras such as the ability of the PV to continue to function in a power cut.

The winning features of this technology that make it best in class are set out below.

Why sonnen eco?

Our reasons for selecting the German made sonnenBatterie eco system are as follows:

  1. Design and efficiency. The system uses batteries from Sony, based on the FortelionTM battery technology. These highly efficient (98% efficient) batteries are combined with an AC-coupled charger and battery management system controlling state of charge, voltage, temperature and other parameters.

  2. Quality control and safety. The system has been developed in Germany, and was the first of its kind to meet the German safety guidelines for lithium battery storage systems. Every system undergoes extensive testing and inspection in the factory in Bavaria and the in-built management system has an inherently multi-layered safety system.

  3. Market penetration / experience. The German storage market is a few years ahead of the UK market. Sonnen already has 40,000 live storage systems in operation, all tracked online. With sonnen, UK customers are able to benefit from several years of learning and product development from Germany.

  4. Modular system for maximum flexibility. The minimum entry system has 5kWh usable battery capacity. The system can be extended up to the maximum usable capacity of 15kWh in increments of 2.5kWh. In addition, optional extras such as the Emergency Power Supply can be retrofitted.

  5. Comprehensive online energy management platform. The sonnen system is managed via an online portal system which has more functionality than simple battery management. Functionality includes export limitation (subject to DNO approval) and intelligent charging, such that the battery learns usage patterns and reads the weather forecast, with a view to leaving sufficient battery capacity to store the midday peak whilst still having a fully charged battery by the end of the day. Individual loads can be marked as peak loads, to be switched on when a certain production level is breached. Additional functionality is being developed for the future.

  6. 10 year warranty, 10,000 life cycles. The sonnenBatterie eco system is one of the few systems we have seen to have a 10 year warranty, and a service life of 10,000 life cycles.

  7. Optional Emergency Power Supply. The sonnenBatterie system has the option of an Emergency Power Supply for backup in the event of a power cut. The standard system does not include this, thus keeping the “entry level” price very competitive, whilst allowing the option of backup should it be required.

  8. Lowest lifetime cost per kWh: a premium product at an affordable price. The sonnen battery system offers great value for money, giving one of the lowest lifetime cost per kWh stored on the market. While it has many market leading features, it is competitively priced, due to the economies of scale available to Sony as well as the economies available to sonnen from its own successful market penetration in Germany. Overall we believe sonnen to be one of the best value for money systems in the residential storage sector.

  9. Beautiful design, wall hung and compact. Space is a consideration in residential properties, as indeed is aesthetic appearance. Sonnen has reduced the size of the system down to a minimum, with a wall hung option for the smallest system. The design is modern and minimalist, designed to be seen, not hidden away out of sight.

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