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The Sungrow-Samsung SDI Energy Storage System (ESS) combines bi-directional inverters from the world's leading inverter supplier, Sungrow, with lithium ion batteries from Samsung, one of the top three lithium battery suppliers in the world. The two companies joined forces in 2016 to develop commercial and utility scale storage solutions.Sungrow-Samsung 50.jpg

The inverters and batteries are integrated together as a containerised solution, scalable from 50 kW/50 kWh to MW/MWh (max capacity for the 40-foot battery container is 9.1 MWh), with intelligent software to provide all of the functionality required to realise the cost savings and revenue streams available in the commercial energy storage market.

Sungrow inverter/charger

The Sungrow inverter/chargers employed in the integrated ESS come in 50 kW, 100 kW, 250 kW, 500 kW and 1 MW sizes, all characterised by a high power density, high efficiency and wide voltage range.

The table below summarises the key technical specifications for the inverter range:

  SC 50 SC 100 SC 250 SC 500TL SC 1000TL
DC Voltage range 195-650 V 500-800 V 500-800 V 500-800 V 780-1050 V
Nominal output power 50 kW 100 kW 250 kW 500 kW 1000 kW
Nominal output voltage 400 V ±3%
Max. efficiency 95.5% 97.3% 97.3% 98.2% 98.5%
Dimension (W x H x D) 806x1884x636 mm 1006x2043x850 mm 1606x2034x860 mm 1605x2065x935 mm
Weight 730 kg 760 kg 1600 kg 1300 kg 1100 kg
Operating temperature -30°C-55°C

Samsung SDI battery

Samsung SDI offer optimal battery storage solutions based upon their extremely safe, high-grade prismatic lithium manganese cobalt (NMC) cells. These cells feature multi-layered safety protection (including NSD (Nail Safety Device) to prevent the cell catching fire if penetrated), along with enhanced durability and high capacity energy density. 

samsung sdi safety features.jpg

The batteries are available in a range of three module types (Energy, Medium and Power), whose suitability depends on what rate of output is required (0.5C, 1C or 3C). Individual modules can be configured in racks housing up to 12 modules as standard. 

The key technical specifications for the three module types are as follows:

  Energy Medium Power
Model E2-M076 M2-M076 P3-M063
Energy 7.6 kWh 7.6 kWh 6.3 kWh
C-rate 0.5C (2hr+) 1C (1hr+) 3C (20min+)
Voltage 70.4-91.3 V 70.4-91.3 V 68.2-90.2 V
Dimension (width x height x depth) 370 x 588 x 160 mm 370 x 650 x 160 mm 370 x 650 x 160 mm
Weight 55 kg 55 kg 51 kg


The Sungrow-Samsung SDI system can be utilised for all of the commercial storage applications detailed on our page Benefits of Storage – Commercial (> 50kWh), including provision of an uninterrupted power supply (UPS).

In summary, potential applications are:

  • Peak shaving. Reduce maximum demand from the grid at peak times and avoid high charges from TRIADs, DUoS and CM Levy.
  • Emergency backup/UPS. Ensures critical loads are protected and continue to run uninterrupted in the event of grid failure.
  • Grid services. Gain income for the provision of Frequency Regulation and Capacity Market services to the grid.
  • Transmission and distribution support. Supply increased power to a site to defer the need to upgrade the grid connection.
  • Increase self-consumption. Lower bills by using more of your on-site generation (e.g. solar, wind).