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TESVOLT produces a range of lithium batteries specifically designed for commercial storage applications in combination with SMA inverter/chargers. The batteries use Samsung SDI’s ultra-safe, high-grade prismatic lithium NMC cells.

The principal advantage offered by TESVOLT is its innovative Active Battery Optimisation, which individually balances the state of charge of each cell using bi-directional flyback converters (as opposed to uni-directional ‘charge pumps’). This allows for fast and efficient balancing of cells within a stack, which is necessary to prolong the life of the cells. As a result, TESVOLT batteries are extremely long-lived, with components designed to last up to 8,000 cycles and a lifespan of 30 years.

There are two main products ranges available: the TS system, which is suitable for off-grid and backup requirements; and the TS HV system, which is tailored towards high power applications and the provision of ancillary services.

TS Series

TESVOLT’s TS storage systems are built up using 4.8 kWh battery modules in parallel configuration, connected to any chosen size and number (up to 12 on-grid, 36 off-grid) of SMA Sunny Island stand-alone inverter/chargers. This enables a wide range of possible configurations, ranging up to 72 kW/1.2 MWh for grid-connected systems and over 200 kW/3 MWh in off-grid applications. The batteries can provide continuous discharge rates of 1C (full discharge in 1 hour).

Every TS battery module includes its own Active Battery Optimiser (ABO). This ensures each battery module is optimally maintained and facilitates easy servicing, with the ABO able to be separated from the battery if required.

The TESVOLT TS series is suitable for the following applications:

  • Increased self-consumption. Store your excess on-site generation for use later when required. 
  • Micro-grid/emergency backup. In the event of grid failure, the TS battery system continues to power on-site loads. 
  • Peak shaving. Suitable for heavy discharging at times of highest demand in order to cut peak consumption and enable reduced import connection size. 
  • Off-grid. TS storage systems can be integrated into standalone grids and easily combined with any energy source. With its ability to discharge quickly at 1C rate, the battery system is suitable for high load applications such as off-grid, emergency back-up power and peak shaving. 

TS HV Series

TESVOLT's TS HV systems utilise a high voltage configuration of the battery modules (modules connected in series to yield voltages ranging from 600 V), and are optimised for use with SMA Tripower Storage 60 inverter/chargers.

The individual TS HV storage units come with a capacity of 67 kWh and up to 4 of these can be combined for one SMA inverter/charger. System sizes up to 600 kW/2.7 MWh can be achieved, with the batteries able to deliver continuous power output of 1C rate as for the TS series.

The TESVOLT TS HV series is suited to the following applications:

  • Ancillary grid services. Discharge or charge in response to signals from a demand response administrator. Supply Frequency Regulation services and Capacity Market support to the grid when required.
  • Increased self-consumption.
  • Peak shaving.

TESVOLT TS HV battery systems cannot be used for backup or off-grid applications, however.