Voltage optimisation

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Costs from £650+VAT, average bill reduction 12%, 5-7 year payback.

Key facts: Voltage Optimisation for homeowners

In line with CE and EU regulations, most of the UK’s electrical equipment is optimised to work at 220-230v. For historic reasons our electricity is supplied at an average of 242v but could be as high as 253v. It is a little known fact that the more voltage you apply to an appliance the more energy it consumes – costing you more and shortening the life of the device.

By matching your voltage supply to piece of equipment it is possible to make a substantial energy saving and prolong the life of appliances.  Most electronic equipment currently consumes more electricity than it needs to….

  • Typically reduces your electricity consumption by 12%.
  • Expected payback time 5-7 years.
  • Works well with Solar PV, wind turbines and heat pumps – some solar PV systems are cutting out because of the high incoming voltage and the system owner doesn’t know about it….
  • Prolongs the life of your electronic equipment: AAA rated appliances are rated at 220V, rather than 240V. They won’t behave as AAA rated at 240V, but that may not be clear when you buy the appliance.
  • Typical savings by appliance:
  • fluorescent lights 20%;
  • hairdryer 19%;
  • vacuum cleaner 18%;
  • microwave 16%;
  • fridge/freezer 10%;
  • patio heater 15%;
  • washing machine 7%;
  • dishwasher 5%.

Why Eco-max?

We install the Eco-Max system for several reasons:

  • As always, engineering excellence is at the top of the list. Eco-max engineers installed the first voltage optimisation system for British Steel in 2002, and have been perfecting their technology ever since.
  • Next comes customer service – the system has a 5 year no quibble guarantee, backed by first class customer service. Customers range from individual homeowners all the way to the big supermarkets.
  • UK made in Sheffield using durable, quality components.
  • Three settings for maximum control, depending on incoming voltage and load profile.
  • Fitted in a morning – works instantly.
  • No maintenance.
  • 5 year manufacturer’s warranty, expected life 20-30 years.


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