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Voltage Optimisation

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Reduce electricity consumption by up to 19%, 30% funding available for SMEs and schools.

Voltage optimisation for commercial premises

Save up to 19% on your electricity bills by installing three phase voltage optimisation. Thanks to harmonisation across Europe much of our equipment works most efficiently at 220V. In the UK electricity is supplied at an average of 242V. Anything over this voltage is wasting energy – energy you are paying for.

By reducing or ‘Optimising’ the voltage supply to your electrical equipment you can make instant savings. In addition to the immediate reduction of your utilities bill, you will prolong the life of your equipment by reducing power consumption; as well as reducing the carbon footprint of your organisation.

  • Typically reduces electricity consumption by 12%, savings of up to 19% achievable depending on load profile.
  • Expected payback time 2-4 years for large electricity users, 5-6 years for small to medium commercial users.
  • Works well with Solar PV, wind turbines and heat pumps – some solar PV systems are cutting out because of the high incoming voltage and the system owner doesn’t know about it….
  • Prolongs the life of electronic equipment.

Why Eco-max?

We install the Eco-Max system for several reasons:

  • As always, engineering excellence is at the top of the list. Eco-max engineers installed the first voltage optimisation system for British Steel in 2002, and have been perfecting their technology ever since.
  • Standard model provides a choice of 3 settings to provide a fixed voltage reduction to suit the site.  Steel power-coated, 3 phase floor-standing and wall-mounted options available.
  • Additional settings available if required, including integral BrownOutTM under voltage inhibit. Remote monitoring at 1 minute intervals to give visibility of consumption throughout the day and night.
  • Next comes customer service – the system has a 5 year no quibble guarantee, backed by first class customer service. Customers range from individual homeowners all the way to the big supermarkets.
  • UK made in Sheffield using durable, quality components.
  • Three settings for maximum control, depending on incoming voltage and load profile.
  • Fitted in a morning – works instantly.
  • No maintenance.
  • 5 year manufacturer’s warranty, expected life 20-30 years.

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Where does Spirit install?

All projects are managed in house and installed by our technicians. We operate within an approximate 100 mile radius of ReadingBerkshire, shown on the map below:

Commercial Voltage Optimisation - Spirit Energy