MCS Approved Solar Panel Installers


Inflation linked returns of ~ 10%, tax free, for 20 years. Solar PV is reliable, low maintenance and can look as good as this...


"Spirit provides an exceptional service - prompt and accurate responses to all queries, quick installation time, and a very neat and tidy installation on the day."


On-roof, in-roof, full-roof, solar glass and ground-mounted systems, installed by our in-house solar panel installers.

Why Solar?

  • Grid independence - provides around 60% of annual electricity requirement, increasing to ~ 80% with solar storage.
  • Protects against rising electricity prices.
  • Bill savings + Feed-in Tariff achieve tax-free inflation linked returns of 10% plus.
  • Reduced carbon footprint.
  • Building Regulations compliance for new builds.
  • Reliable, low maintenance and very satisfying!

Have you considered battery storage? Store excess solar on site, avoid peak grid charges, provide a back-up ... and don't forget the VAT incentive

If you are considering installing solar PV, we strongly recommend you consider battery storage at the same time.  Click here for more information.

Note that when battery storage is installed at the same time as solar PV, the 5% VAT rate applying to the solar PV installation will also apply to the battery storage system.  Furthermore, there is a saving to be made by purchasing an all-in-one inverter / charger. Overall, savings of over £1,000 can be made by installing battery storage at the same time as solar, rather than retro-fitting storage at a later date.

Why choose Spirit to install your solar panels?

We’re MCS approved solar pv installers – an award winning, specialist company that has installed around 2,000 solar systems, working both for homeowners and in the commercial sector.

We are passionate about solar technology and can help you find the right solution, whether that’s on-grid, off-grid, on-roof or in-roof.  We keep abreast of the latest developments in building integrated PV and in battery storage, and all of our systems utilise best-in-class technology, customised to meet the requirements of our clients.

We don’t employ pushy salesmen – just technical people, passionate about energy efficiency - who will provide you with a solar PV installation combining technical excellence and value for money. With systems typically lasting 20 years or more, we are here to support you and your system over the long term.

All projects are managed in house and installed by our in house solar panel installers. We operate within a 60 mile radius of Reading, Berkshire.

How do I size my system and which kit should I choose?

We cover these questions in our knowledge bank and in our 15 Minute Residential Solar Installation Guide. Here are some links:

Which solar panels should I choose?

Which inverter do you recommend?

On-roof, in-roof or building integrated?

Residential Solar PV Installation Guide

15 Minutes to know everything you need to know about solar PV installations.


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What is an MCS Approved Solar PV Installer?

Since solar PV qualifies for subsidy (the Feed-in Tariff), it is important that the panels installed meet requisite quality and warranty requirements, and the people installing them offer a high standard of service. The Microgeneration Certification Scheme was set up in 2008 to protect consumers - and provide reassurance to them - by setting such standards and requiring manufacturers and solar PV installers to register for the scheme in order for installations to be eligible for the tariffs.  Spirit is inspected every year to ensure that we continue to exceed the required standards.

Call us on 0118 951 4490, request a quote online, or email your plans to residential@spiritsolar.co.uk.  We would love to talk about your project; there is no charge for an initial consultation or quote.

Free 15 Minute Residential Solar PV Installation Guide

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