Solar Panel Maintenance and Cleaning

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Electrical servicing

  • Maintain electrical safety
  • Extend system lifespan
  • Prices from £300

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Panel cleaning

  • Up to once a year
  • Boost output by up to 12%
  • Competitive pricing

Why service your solar PV system?

All electrical systems should be inspected and tested periodically, and solar PV and battery storage systems are no different.

  • Maintain optimal system performance.
  • Achieve anticipated financial returns.
  • Avoid fire risks.
  • Ensure effective earthing.
  • Check for damage to cable and connectors.
  • Ensure compliance with insurance policy.

As a minimum we recommend testing and inspection should be undertaken once every two years by a qualified electrician, trained in the relevant technology.

We offer a solar panel service on a one-off basis, or as part of a more comprehensive package with on-going support. Our prices start from £300 inc. VAT for a single inverter, single phase system up to 10kWp. Please email support@spiritenergy.co.uk for a personalised quotation.

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Solar PV cleaning

Why clean your solar panels?

On a sloping array panels will be cleaned by the rain as the glass on the panels is self-cleaning. However, if your panels are in an area of high debris or pollution, or if they are installed on a flat roof, we recommend the panels should be manually cleaned every year or two.

Where possible we will clean the panels from the ground using deionised water, a low-pressure washer and a long lance. In some cases we will use the harness lines already in place on the roof. In other cases we will use a cherry picker.

A study by Google on their system in California suggested that it’s worth cleaning flat roof panels at least once a year at the end of winter; the yield on its flat roof system in particular increased by 36%.

We offer module cleaning for any solar system within our catchment area below - please email support@spiritenergy.co.uk for a personalised quotation.

Areas we cover

For electrical servicing, we operate within a 40 mile radius of Reading, Berkshire, and for panel cleaning we cover a 20 mile radius of Reading:


For PV and battery installations, please see our service area map.

Call us on 0118 951 4490 to discuss your project, or send in your plans for a free quotation.

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