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Cut energy bills and protect against power cuts and brownouts.

The impact of energy costs continues to be a significant item in an organisation’s cost structure. It’s a pattern that is set to persist.

In a global market competing for resources, energy prices will continue to rise. Any increase in a major input cost such as energy will hit businesses hard, particularly in low margin sectors such as retail.

Thus it is of little surprise that energy use is one of the most critical elements of the facilities management portfolio, with facilities managers often having to navigate through the less than perfect circumstances they have inherited.

We can help with metering, monitoring, the retrofit of efficient LED lighting and controls (which can cut lighting bills by 50-70%), and the retrofit of renewable technologies such as solar and battery storage. We can also install EV charge points, another workplace essential going forward. We offer a complete design and installation service.

Transform your energy use at no upfront cost

Bridging the landlord-tenant responsibility is an on-going barrier for many and unsurprisingly, cash is king.

Our in-house expertise includes accounting and structured finance. We work in partnership with energy efficiency financiers, offering lease finance, Power Purchase Agreements and LED lighting as a service.

Using finance, we can help you to transform your energy use with no, or very little, upfront cost.

Call us on 0118 951 4490 for assistance, whether for a specific installation project, or for a wider review of energy management and efficiency.

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