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Experts in solar PV, battery storage and EV charging. Award winning consultants, designers and installers, using our in-house installation team.

Join over 2,000 clients on the path to sustainability, grid independence and energy bill reduction

Our clients include homeowners, corporates, councils, consultants, M&E contractors, housebuilders and architects, as well as facilities managers, schools, colleges and universities.  

 Our services include:

  • Free initial consultation and ballpark quotation.
  • Free completion of tender documents.
  • In depth feasibility studies and system design.
  • Technology integration – on-grid and off-grid solar, storage, lighting controls, EV charging and voltage optimisation.
  • Installation using in-house installers, servicing and maintenance.
  • Financing support and lifetime cost optimisation.
  • CPD training.

Transform your energy use at no upfront cost

Our in-house expertise includes accounting and structured finance. We work in partnership with energy efficiency financiers, offering lease finance, Power Purchase Agreements, funded battery storage and, for schools and SMEs, a 15% non-repayable capital contribution (up to £5,000). 

Using finance, we can help you to transform your energy use with no, or very little, upfront cost. 

Call us on 0118 951 4491 for assistance, whether for a specific installation project, or for a wider review of energy management and efficiency.

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