About us

Our Mission

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Our mission

Our mission is to play our part in working towards the sustainable provision of energy by:

  • offering expert advice on local and off-grid electricity generation, storage and management;
  • delivering sustainable energy systems efficiently and cost effectively, achieving best practice in product selection and installation, thus optimising life time value for our clients.

Our values

We are committed to supporting our customers and our employees by:

  • pursuing excellence in engineering;
  • paying meticulous attention to detail;
  • embracing the opportunity to develop bespoke solutions and investing to push the boundaries of what is achievable in our industry;
  • providing first class technical support;
  • providing financial solutions to facilitate installation;
  • providing fanatical customer support;
  • investing in training of our employees and internal systems;
  • ensuring we always put health and safety first;
  • behaving with integrity and social responsibility.