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Case Studies

Here you can find case studies for all the types of projects we've worked on. With over 2,000 installs completed, we're immensely proud of the care put into each and every one. Take a look at some of our previous installations for inspiration.

Recent case studies

Henley, Oxfordshire - 4.8 kWp (Sep '20)

In September 2020, Spirit installed a 4.76kWp solar system for a customer in Henley. Mr T was keen to become more energy independent and insulated against potential power outages, so we installed Tesla Powerwall alongside the PV.


Porter Garland - EVBox BusinessLine (Sep '20)

In September 2020, Spirit installed an EV charging station at Porter Garland’s offices in Camberley. The company had recently purchased an electric car, taking advantage of the tax benefits for businesses.


Reading, Berkshire - 4.7 kWp (June '20)

In June 2020, Spirit installed 4.68kWp of solar PV at Mr N’s house in Reading. It’s a high end system comprised of very efficient SunPower panels, a SolarEdge inverter to optimise any impact from shading, and pigeon protection.


West Reservoir Centre - 94 kWp (July '20)

In July 2020, Spirit installed a huge 93.5kWp solar PV system at the West Reservoir outdoor swimming complex in Hackney.


Natural History Museum Tring - 87 kWp (July '20)

In July 2020, Spirit installed solar PV at the Natural History Museum in Tring. The project was carried out during refurbishments at the Museum, so we collaborated with other contractors such as D+B Facades, who completed the new cladding on the building.


Hungerford, Berkshire - 4.3 kWp (Mar '20)

In March 2020, Spirit installed solar panels for Benjy Woolley, who was building his new home. As with most new builds or renovations, we recommended in roof panels and in this case fitted GSE integrated mounting. Integrated panels are more attractive, save on roofing costs and leave no space for nesting birds underneath.


Green Roof School - 37 kWp (May '19)

In May 2019, Spirit installed this solar system onto a new green roof at a secondary school in London, to give the ultimate eco-friendly covering. We fitted 122 monocrystalline 305W panels for a high efficiency 37kWp system. It’s expected to produce 34,382 kWh and save the school nearly 18 tonnes of carbon dioxide a year.


Northwood - Founders Series Tesla Powerwall 2 (13.5 kWh) (Oct '19)

In October 2019, Spirit installed the gorgeous limited edition red Powerwall 2 for a client in Northwood.


Chertsey - 2 x Tesla Powerwall 2 (27 kWh) (Sep '19)

In September 2019, Spirit installed two Tesla Powerwalls for a client in Chertsey. An early adopter of renewable technology, Mr G has had a 3.88kWp solar PV system since 2011.


Nuvola - 1 x Rolec SecuriCharge (Dec '19)

In December 2019 Spirit installed a Rolec SecuriCharge unit for Nuvola in Swallowfield.


Maidenhead - zappi (Nov '19)

In November 2019, Spirit finished installing a complete system for Mr L in Maidenhead - solar PV, Powerwall 2, eddi and two zappi chargers.


Thatcham - eoMini Pro (Oct '19)

In October 2019, Spirit commissioned an eoMini Pro charger at a house in Thatcham.

Mr E went for the eoMini Pro to take advantage of the £500 OLEV grant for smart chargers. The unit is small and discreet, and offers full monitoring via the app (shown in the image above).


Reading - zappi (Aug '19)

In August 2019, Spirit installed its first zappi version 2 at a house in Reading.


Poole - Tesla Powerwall 2 (13.5 kWh) (Aug '19)

In August 2019, Spirit installed one Tesla Powerwall for Mr S in Poole. It slots neatly inside the garage, especially when the matching Tesla is parked alongside.


St Giles Hotel - 6 x Rolec BasicCharge Dual Socket (June '18)

In June 2018, Spirit installed and commissioned 6 Dual Socket EV chargepoints at St Giles Hotel in Heathrow, London.


Bishop's Court - 46 fitting retro-fit (2017)

In 2017, a private landlord contracted Spirit to upgrade the lighting in the communal areas of their property in Bishops Court, Slough. This consisted of replacing 46 existing fittings with a range of new LED lights.


NCR Bodyshops - 30 fitting retro-fit (Jul '17)

July 2017 saw Spirit carry out a 30 fitting LED lighting retrofit for a commercial property in Newbury, Berkshire. NCR Bodyshops' wanted existing highbay lights in their warehouse to be replaced with new 220W LED equivalents. 


Primrose Offices and Warehouse - 125 fitting retro-fit (Jul '16)

In July 2016, Meika Ltd contracted Spirit Solar Ltd to install LED lights in its office and warehouse complex in Reading, replacing 125 existing light fittings and bulbs.

The new fittings range from 600mm x 600mm panels in the office and meeting rooms to 80W LED Corn lamps and 5ft tubes in the warehouse. 

Energy use will be reduced by up to 65%, with a total annual reduction in electricity use of just under 15,000kWh. The annual savings in running costs and replacement bulb costs will be £1,765+VAT; the project has a 3 year payback.

The installation will also improve lighting quality and reduce the need for maintenance of the lights. For example the panels give 35,000 hours service, which is 20 times the expected life of the existing fittings.


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