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Spirit Energy Case Studies

Here you can find case studies for all the types of projects we've worked on. With over 2000 installs completed, we're immensely proud of the care put into each and every one. Take a look at some of our previous installations for inspiration.

Recent case studies

Sugar Quay - 16 kWp (Nov '18)

In November 2018, Spirit Solar installed a 15.95kWp solar PV system for Haydon M&E Ltd at Sugar Quay London. The PV system utilises 58 polycrystalline JA Solar 275W panels mounted on a flat roof, using ballasted A-frames inclined at 10 degrees.  The annual output of the system is expected to be in excess of 14,000kWh, with the annual CO2 savings projected to be just less than 7,500kg. 

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Bovingdon Ridge Farm - 8 kWp (Oct '18)

In October 2018, Spirit installed a PV solar system for Ridge Farm in Buckinghamshire. The system array consisted of 30 x JA Solar 275W panels mounted on a 15 degree pitched roof, orientated just 10 degrees off south. As there is no likely shading and a preferable orientation the system is expected to achieve an output in the region of 7,500kWh per year. The estimated annual savings and tariff income amounts to £1,206 per year, giving an appealing payback period of only seven years. As well as the attractive economic benefits the PV system also has its environmental benefits with the system expected to save 3,880kg of CO2 per annum. 

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Premier Inn Salisbury - 12 kWp (July '18)

In July 2018, Spirit Solar installed an 11.7kWp solar PV system at the Premier Inn Salisbury. The PV array consisted of 45 x Perlight 260W PV panels mounted on a flat roof with an incline of 30 degrees. It is expected that approximately 80% of the power generated by the PV will be used on site. The annual power output is projected to be in excess of 11,000kWh, with the savings and tariff income amounting to £1,735 per year for the next 20 years.

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Cobham, Surrey - 5.4 kWp (Jan '19)

In January 2019, Spirit installed an in-roof PV system for a new build in Surrey. The property has a number of roof orientations, but the system was designed and installed on the south facing roof to give the best possible performance. The system installed consists of 18 x Longi 300W panels sloped at 40 degrees, giving a system size and peak power of 5.4kWp. This is estimated to equate to an annual output of 5,319kWh per year and in turn save approximately 2,700kg of CO2 per year.

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Chertsey, Surrey - 4 kWp (Nov '18)

In November 2018, Spirit installed a domestic on roof PV system in Surrey. With the available roof space a 3.965kWp system was able to be installed, with the array consisting of 13 Q-Cells 305W panels. The inverter is sized to match the peak power and for this system a Growatt 3600W MTL inverter is used. The panels are orientated 20 degrees from south and pitched at a 10 degree slope to maximise irradiance. The slope angle and spacing between each row of panels ensures that shading from the other panels is kept to a minimum or zero. The loss factor arising from shading is assumed to be zero for this system. The expected output is a little over 3,500kWh per year, equating to predicted annual CO2 savings of 1,836kg.

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Henley on Thames, Oxfordshire - 8.4 kWp (May '18)

In May 2018, Spirit installed a domestic in roof solar PV system in Henley on Thames. The roof is orientated at 45 degrees from south and sloped at 35 degrees allowing for high generation during daylight hours.  The PV array consists of 28 x Viridian 300W, with a peak output of 8.4kWp. The Viridian panels offer a sleek low-profile aesthetic giving a very attractive finish. Annually this system is expected to generate an output of 7,787kWh per year. The inverters used are SolarEdge, which offer improved performance compared to other inverters. This is due to their capability of optimising the performance of each individual panel, rather than the system operating at the level of the worst performing panel in the string. The annual energy savings associated with the system are estimated to be £584 per year and the CO2 savings predicted to be over 4,000kg per year. 

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St Giles Hotel - 6 x Rolec BasicCharge Dual Socket (June '18)

In June 2018, Spirit installed and commissioned 6 Dual Socket EV chargepoints at St Giles Hotel in Heathrow, London.

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Luton - Tesla Powerwall 2 (13.5 kWh) (Dec '17)

In December 2017, Spirit commissioned a 13.5 kWh Tesla Powerwall 2 to go with an existing 3.6 kWp PV system.

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Hampshire - 2 x Tesla Powerwall 2 (27 kWh) (Oct '17)

In October 2017, Spirit commissioned two 13.5 kWh Tesla Powerwall 2's alongide a 6.54 kWp PV system.

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Reading, Berkshire - eoMini (Sept '17)

Spirit installed a 7.2kW eoMini EV charger. The EM002 model is a Universal, untethered module that sits inconspicously on the external wall of a residential property measuring only 175mm x 125mm x 95mm (H x W x D). It is a simple plug-in charger that is rated at 32 amps for single phase connections. 

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Camberley - zappi (April '17)

In April 2017, Spirit commissioned a zappi, the intelligent EV charger that optimises the use of excess solar PV. Working in synergy with your PV system, it detects when the PV system is producing more than the base load and diverts the excess electricity to your electric vehicle. Charging can be set to one of three modes and can charge at a maximum power of 7kW. Since it is assumed that 50% of all PV produced is exported back to the grid, it makes sense to utilise this energy and further add to your savings.

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High Wycombe - Tesla Powerwall 2 (13.5 kWh) (Nov '17)

In November 2017, Spirit commissioned a 13.5 kWh Tesla Powerwall 2 to go with an existing 3.75 kWp PV system.

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Cold Ash, Berkshire - 1 x Tesla Wall Connector (Jul '17)

In July 2017, Spirit commissioned a 7.4kW Tesla Wall charger for a domestic customer based in Cold Ash, Berkshire.

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Bluegrasscoms Ltd- 1 x Pod Point Solo (Jul '17)

In July 2017, Spirit were asked to instal a single Pod Point Solo charger outside the offices of Bluegrasscoms Ltd in Newbury, Berkshire.

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Avery UK - 1 x Rolec Securi Dual Socket (Jul '17)

In July 2017, Spirit installed and commissioned a 7kW Rolec Securi Dual Socket EV charge point for Avery UK based in Maidenhead, Berkshire.

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Bishop's Court - 46 fitting retro-fit (2017)

In 2017, a private landlord contracted Spirit to upgrade the lighting in the communal areas of their property in Bishops Court, Slough. This consisted of replacing 46 existing fittings with a range of new LED lights.

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NCR Bodyshops - 30 fitting retro-fit (Jul '17)

July 2017 saw Spirit carry out a 30 fitting LED lighting retrofit for a commercial property in Newbury, Berkshire. NCR Bodyshops' wanted existing highbay lights in their warehouse to be replaced with new 220W LED equivalents. 

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Primrose Offices and Warehouse - 125 fitting retro-fit (Jul '16)

In July 2016, Meika Ltd contracted Spirit Solar Ltd to install LED lights in its office and warehouse complex in Reading, replacing 125 existing light fittings and bulbs.

The new fittings range from 600mm x 600mm panels in the office and meeting rooms to 80W LED Corn lamps and 5ft tubes in the warehouse. 

Energy use will be reduced by up to 65%, with a total annual reduction in electricity use of just under 15,000kWh. The annual savings in running costs and replacement bulb costs will be £1,765+VAT; the project has a 3 year payback.

The installation will also improve lighting quality and reduce the need for maintenance of the lights. For example the panels give 35,000 hours service, which is 20 times the expected life of the existing fittings.

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