Battery Storage for Solar Panels

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Store excess solar power to use at night

  • Become more grid independent
  • Protect against rising electricity prices
  • Buy cheap, use peak
  • Reduce your carbon footprint
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Tesla Powerwall 2

The best all round residential solar storage product on the market is Tesla Powerwall 2, which we recommend for several reasons:

  • Design and efficiency.
  • High capacity (13.5kWh) and high power output (5kW).
  • Quality control and safety.
  • 10 year warranty.
  • Lowest lifetime cost per kWh.
  • Beautiful design, wall hung or ground-mounted, and weatherproof.
  • Off-peak charging (buy cheap, use peak) as well as storage of excess solar.
  • Backup in the event of a power cut.
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tesla certified installer

We are Tesla Powerwall Certified Installers.

This means we are trained to install Powerwall and have been approved by Tesla for continued adherence to strict quality requirements.

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how much does solar cost


The installed cost of Tesla Powerwall 2 starts at £8270 + VAT. Storage capacity is around 13.5kWh and so this gives a cost of around £613 + VAT per kWh.

This is about as competitive as it gets... on a cost per kWh basis, pretty much every other system will be a similar cost or more expensive.

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Why Spirit Energy?

We’re experts in battery storage systems.

We’re also passionate about the technology and excited by the tremendous potential it offers to transform the way in which electricity is generated and distributed.

We are technology agnostic; we continuously analyse the batteries and chargers available on the market to ensure we are offering our customers best-in-class technology.

why spirit installers

Sometimes our customers are looking for solar PV battery storage with less capacity, or bespoke, with increased UPS capability. As well as Tesla, we offer customised Victron based systems (ideal for off-grid), with a range of batteries including BYD, SimpliPhi, and GivEnergy.

Areas we cover

We install within an approximate 30 mile radius of Reading, Berkshire, marked on the map below (click to zoom in):

Spirit install area map

Call us on 0118 951 4490 to discuss your project, or send in your plans for a free quotation.

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