Battery Storage for Solar Panels

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Install a battery with or without solar to protect against power cuts and rising electricity prices

  • Become more grid independent
  • Protect against rising electricity prices
  • Buy cheap, use peak
  • You don't need solar - you can install a battery on its own
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Our Battery Storage Systems

We offer a range of different systems, as follows:

tesla powerwall battery

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Find out more about Powerwall
tesla certified installer

We are Tesla Powerwall Certified Installers.

This means we are trained to install Powerwall and have been approved by Tesla for continued adherence to strict quality requirements. 13.5kWh of storage, from £7350

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Find out more about "libbi" (MyEnergi)
MyEnergi libbi

New in January 2023!

MyEnergi are bringing out the libbi battery system to complement their Zappi (car charger) and Eddi (energy diverter), Expand your existing MyEnergi portfolio with 20kWh of storage, From £6500.  See below for sample pricing. Available from 2023.

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Find out more about GivEnergy systems
G1 GivEnergy in Garage Wide


Small and medium systems available, from 2.6kWh of storage. From £4750. Giv-Hy is ideal for new solar systems; Giv-AC is used to retro-fit storage to existing solar systems.

GivEnergy also released the All in One in June 2023 to compete with the Tesla Powerwall 2, and at £7,400 it is a strong alternative.

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Find out more about Victron + BYD / Pylontech
Victron ESS

Victron Energy Storage Systems

The 'professional's' choice, we recommend Victron for off-grid installations, installations on three-phase (400V) grid connections, and any installation where the customer wants to include a generator (or 'future-proof' for a generator). The system is also one of the only systems on the market that provides a UPS switchover (Uninterrupted Power Supply: < 20ms) from grid-power to battery power in the event that the grid goes down.

Modular and scalable from 2kWh to 270kWh, total flexibility in design. Prices start at about £7,000. A 6.5kW / 15.4kWh Victron system costs around £14000




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how much does solar cost

Costs (including installation)


Sample pricing for the libbi is as follows:

3.68kW power / 5kWh storage: ~  £6500.

5kW power / 20kWh storage: ~ £14500.


The approximate installed cost of the libbi system runs from £788 per kWh.

With an expectation of 10,000 lifecycles (i.e. 10,000 storage slots of 1 kWh for each kWh of storage capacity), that equates to a cost of around  7.9 pence per kWh storage slot. 

With electricity prices currently running at around 23.72 pence per kWh, it is clear that storing excess solar is cheaper than exporting excess to the grid when there is too much solar, and then buying back later off the grid when there isn't enough electricity from the solar. 

So a battery investment makes sense as long as there will be sufficient use of the battery overall (i.e. the storage slots purchased upfront actually get used). This comes down to proper sizing (which we can help you with if purchasing from us).


The installed cost of Tesla Powerwall 2 starts at £7350 . Storage capacity is around 13.5kWh and so this gives a cost of around £544 per kWh.

The Powerwall is a different chemistry from all the other batteries we offer the Powerwall is lithium manganese cobalt as opposed to lithium ferro phosphate), and so the datasheet does not offer 10,000 life cycles. On this basis, the libbi offers better value for money. But the Powerwall offers 'whole house' back-up in a power cut.


Victron offers the best of both worlds - low (10p per kWh) cost per kWh storage slot and 'whole house' back-up in a power cut

A 6.5kW / 15.4kWh Victron system costs around £14000.


GivEnergy also offers a low cost per kWh storage slot, but the back-up capability is limited to 2.5kW of power, for which you will need to separate out your 'emergency' loads onto a separate consumer unit. Costs from £4750.


Overall, system choice depends on budget, functionality required, and expected usage of the battery. We can advise on this.

If you would like to know more, please call us, or to request a quote (in our service area), please try our self survey form.  You can also use our battery calculator).

Why Spirit Energy?

We’re experts in battery storage systems.

We’re also passionate about the technology and excited by the tremendous potential it offers to transform the way in which electricity is generated and distributed.

We are technology agnostic; we continuously analyse the batteries and chargers available on the market to ensure we are offering our customers best-in-class technology.

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why spirit installers

Sometimes our customers are looking for solar PV battery storage with less capacity, or bespoke, with increased UPS capability. As well as Tesla, we offer customised Victron based systems (ideal for off-grid), with a range of batteries including BYD, SimpliPhi, and GivEnergy.

Area we cover for home installations

We install within an approximate 50 mile radius of Reading, Berkshire, marked on the map below (click to zoom in):


Call us on 0118 951 4490 to discuss your project, or click "Request a Quote", or email info@spiritenergy.co.uk with your postcode, house number/name for a free quotation.

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