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  • Save around £1000 a year
  • Get paid for excess electricity
  • Be more grid independent

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  • Lower use of fossil fuels
  • Cut CO2 emissions
  • Reduce air pollution
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How much does solar cost?

Solar panels usually cost around £1,250-1,750 per kWp installed, depending on roof access costs, roof covering and pitch. A standard domestic 4kWp system will cost around £9,000.

As 4kWp typically saves around £1000 per year on energy bills, the payback time is around 7 years. The panels will last 25 years or so (with one inverter replacement). The return over 25 years is usually in the order of 9% (IRR%). This is non-taxable, so compares very favourably to any other investment, especially one that depends only on the sun coming out.

The grid cost is 34p+ per unit for the typical homeowner, and rising... and rising… Including maintenance costs, the unsubsidised cost per kWh of solar energy is only 10p. Now that's something to shout about!

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how much does solar cost
why spirit installers

Why Spirit Energy?

We’re MCS approved solar PV installers – an award winning, specialist company that has installed over 2,000 solar systems since 2010.

The Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) protects consumers by setting high standards for registered manufacturers and solar panel installers in the UK. Only MCS approved systems are eligible for export tariffs. Spirit is inspected every year to ensure that we continue to exceed the required standards.

We are passionate about solar technology and all of our systems utilise best-in-class technology, customised to meet your requirements.

We don’t employ pushy salesmen – just technical people, passionate about renewable energy, who will provide you with a solar PV installation combining technical excellence and value for money. Our quotes are detailed and clear, with no hidden costs. As PV systems typically last 25 years or more, we are here to support you and your system over the long term.

All projects are managed in house and installed by our solar panel installers.

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Boost your usage with batteries

If you are installing solar PV, we strongly recommend you consider battery storage at the same time.

With home batteries, you can store your excess solar energy to use when the sun goes down - or in a power cut. With smart tariffs, you can save even more by buying cheap off-peak electricity and selling when demand is high.

When battery storage is installed at the same time as solar PV, the 0% VAT rate applying to the solar PV installation will also apply to the battery storage system. Furthermore, there is a saving to be made by purchasing an all-in-one inverter / charger. Overall, savings of over £1,000 can be made by installing battery storage at the same time as solar, rather than retrofitting storage at a later date.

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Areas we cover

We install within an approximate 40 mile radius of Reading, Berkshire, marked on the map below (click to zoom in):

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Call us on 0118 951 4490 to discuss your project, or click "Request a Quote", or email info@spiritenergy.co.uk with your postcode, house number/name for a free quotation.

What our customers say

Very impressed by this company, installing panels on a new extension. They were very knowledgeable and not pushy at all. Fitted in with my timetable. Highly recommended.
James Holmes à Court
Google Reviews
Friendly, efficient and expert service in every respect. Thank you!
Stephen Armstrong
Google Reviews
They looked after us, our needs and requirements from the first conversation with Will, technical advice from Vishal along the way to the installation by Justin and signing off by Lydia. All round very good service.
Peter Vasey
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