Key Sectors

Councils and Communities

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Spirit works with councils across the south of England including Oxford, Hackney, Wokingham and many others

Spirit has worked with various councils (for example Kingston Council, Oxford Council, Portsmouth City Council) to help them reduce their energy bills. We have also worked on many community buildings, from local village halls to rugby clubs.

Key technologies for public sector buildings include solar PV and electric vehicle charge points, battery storage where appropriate, and LED lighting retrofits which can cut electricity bills by 50-70%. Where solar has already been installed, we can assist with servicing and maintenance.

Transform your energy use at no upfront cost

We can assist with structuring Power Purchase Agreements for solar, and funded battery storage.

 Our services include:

  • Free initial consultation and ballpark quotation.
  • Free completion of tender documents.
  • In depth feasibility studies and system design.
  • Technology integration – on-grid and off-grid solar, wind, storage, lighting controls, EV charging and voltage optimisation.
  • Installation using in-house installers, servicing and maintenance.
  • Financing support to help you transform your energy use at no upfront cost.

Call us on 0118 951 4490 for assistance, whether for a specific installation project, or for a wider review of energy management and efficiency.

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