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Finance for Renewable and Energy Efficiency Technology

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Can you afford not to? The lifetime cost of ‘doing nothing’ about your energy bills will almost certainly outweigh the cost of implementing an energy efficiency plan.

We adopt a lifetime value approach to every system that we design and install

While some of our customers are driven by planning requirements, and many are driven by a commitment to the environment, for a significant proportion, the financial return is all important. In simple terms that means that the lifetime cost per kWh produced, saved or stored by one of our systems must be less than the cost of grid electricity.

Further, we are aware that many of our systems require a significant upfront investment – investing in solar and storage is effectively like paying for 5–8 years of electricity upfront with a view to obtaining a further 15–20 years of free electricity after that. 

And most businesses have many projects competing for that scarce resource called cash…

Luckily we work in an industry which is a leader not only in technological innovation, but also in financial innovation. Over the years we have developed relationships with many finance partners providing different forms of energy-efficiency finance.  All have one aim: to help businesses and public sector organisations to implement sustainable business strategies that deliver a competitive advantage at no up-front cost. 

Cash neutral or cash positive from the start

Given that the payback time of most energy generation and reduction projects is much lower than the expected system life, projects can be financed such that the overall cashflow profile is positive, or at least neutral, in the early years.

We aim not only to help you find the right technical solution, but also to find the right financial solution. When requested, we will help you to find the right finance partner providing finance at the right price, and with the most advantageous tax treatment.

Our finance pages highlight some of the most popular funding strategies used by our clients. For more information, download our Guide to Energy Efficiency Finance:

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And remember the cost of inaction will almost certainly be cash negative in the long run…

Power Purchase Agreements

A Power Purchase Agreement involves an investor funding a PV system on your property, under the condition you buy the generated electricity from them at a fixed rate below grid cost.

Find out more about solar PPAs.

Lease Finance

There are a few options where an investor funds the purchase of energy efficiency technology, and you effectively rent it from them. In some of these schemes, you obtain ownership of the equipment at the end of the lease.

Find out more about lease finance.

LED Lighting as a Service

Spirit has partnered with ECI Energy to offer commercial clients a complete LED upgrade at no upfront cost. Instead, repayments are made through a proportion of bill savings over 5 years.

Find out more about LED lighting as a service.

Download our guide to Energy Efficiency Finance:

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