Solar PV Servicing

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  • Ensure electrical safety
  • Optimise PV performance
  • Maintain system monitoring

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  • Recommended every 2 years
  • Boost system output
  • Specialist PV cleaning
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Why is regular servicing important?

All electrical systems should be inspected and tested periodically to safeguard your investment.

  • Maintain optimal system performance.
  • Achieve anticipated financial returns.
  • Check for damage to cables and connectors.
  • Pre-empt problems with monitoring.

Defects causing reduced output in one or two strings of a solar PV system could go undetected for a long period of time, finally manifesting as a marked deterioration in output and income loss. Faults can also pose a fire or shock risk.

We offer servicing, maintenance and monitoring packages for solar PV and battery systems. We can also provide one-off services as required.

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To supplement periodic inspection and testing, it is advisable to install an effective remote monitoring and fault reporting system for any electrical system, in particular for solar, battery storage and lighting control systems.

This will provide early warning of any fault or drop in performance. We will generally install this at the outset, but we can also retrofit a monitoring system to systems installed by others if required.

Solar PV cleaning

Why clean your solar panels?

On most pitched roofs, rainfall is sufficient to keep solar panels clean. But on flat roofs, or in areas of high debris or pollution, we recommend having panels cleaned every year or two.

This will increase the amount of light reaching the solar cells and maximise generation. A study by Google found that annual cleaning increased the yield on a flat roof system by 36%.

Cleaning must be done carefully to avoid any damage to the solar panels. If possible, we can clean them from the ground with a long lance, low-pressure washer and deionised water. Otherwise, we can use a cherry picker or harness lines already on the roof.

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Area we cover for home installations

We install within an approximate 50 mile radius of Reading, Berkshire, marked on the map below (click to zoom in):


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