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Why solar?

  • Gain energy security
  • Improve EPC rating
  • Show off green credentials

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Financial benefits

  • 3-4 year payback period
  • Returns of up to 35% IRR
  • Protect against rising electricity prices
  • Financing schemes
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Why solar?

Solar makes seriously good sense for any business or campus (university, college, school, hospital or business park), with a decent roof or plot of land and a long-term intention to stay in their premises for 10+ years. Ideally the business should own the freehold of their premises, or have a long-lease over the property.  

The lifetime cost per kWh of solar electricity is now 6p per kWh... this compares to about 27p for electricity purchased from the grid. Plus, solar gives energy price security in the face of economic uncertainties.

In the right business, the system will more than pay for itself, should be financeable if necessary and will significantly improve your company’s impact on the environment - an increasingly important factor in a net zero world.

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Cost and financial returns

Rooftop solar panels usually cost around £700 per kWp installed, depending on roof access costs, covering and pitch. A 50kWp system will cost around £40,000 plus VAT.

A kWp typically gives a saving of around £110 per year, so £5,500 for a 50kWp system, giving a payback time of between 3 and 4 years. The panels will last 25 years or so (with one inverter replacement expected during this time). The return over 20 years is usually 35% (IRR%).

Most of the return comes in the form of a reduced electricity bill – for a typical business, each kWh generated by the solar system is worth around 27p if used on site, and 15p if exported to the grid. 

On average over 25 years (taking into account degradation of panels), a kWp will generate 750-900kWh a year. That's around 20,000 kWh over the life. So the cost per kWh of solar energy is only around 6p per kWh. Now that's something to shout about!

The grid cost is 27p for the typical business, and rising... and rising...

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Grants, subsidies and incentives

Given that the payback time of most energy generation and reduction projects is much lower than the expected system life, projects can be financed such that the overall cashflow profile is positive, or at least neutral, in the early years.

We have developed relationships with many finance partners providing different forms of energy-efficiency finance.  All have one aim: to help businesses and public sector organisations to implement sustainable business strategies that deliver a competitive advantage at no up-front cost. 

Why Spirit Energy?

We’re MCS approved solar PV installers – an award winning, specialist company that has installed projects across the south of England, typically with a value of £1,000 - £2 million.

We have a proactive approach and take pride in our ability to combine bespoke solutions with best value for money. All of our work is undertaken in house, this allows us to pay attention to the detail and deliver technical excellent solutions at a very reasonable cost. Having installed systems for over 10 years, we know most equipment suppliers and can recommend the best technology for each client.

We have a first class in house team of engineers. They love a challenge and enjoy designing bespoke solutions, whether using building integrated technology (e.g. solar glass, solar roof tiles), customised triangular panels, or off-grid technology.

Finally we provide full O&M support for the life of the system.

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Area we cover for home installations

We install within an approximate 50 mile radius of Reading, Berkshire, marked on the map below (click to zoom in):


Call us on 0118 951 4490 to discuss your project, or click "Request a Quote", or email with your postcode, house number/name for a free quotation.

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