CPD Training for Solar PV, Battery Storage & EV Charging


'Great CPD. All participants found it very interesting and useful, Spirit Energy are clearly at the forefront of current technology' - Liam Seamer

We offer free CPD certified training on solar PV, battery storage and EV charging for architects, consultants, estimators and specifiers. This consists of a 1 hour Teams session every 6 months for each of the 3 topics listed below.

We will need to charge a fee if you wish to arrange a Teams or face to face session outside of these 6 free webinars each year.

You can book in for a virtual session to gain a CPD certificate or request access to the recording of a previous webinar (where you will not receive a CPD certificate).

Why is it free? Because we believe sharing our knowledge will benefit the industry as a whole and demonstrate our expertise.

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Solar PV Design & Installation – A Practical Guide

Our solar CPD course provides an introductory overview of practical design and installation of solar PV. Increase your knowledge at the design stage to avoid pitfalls later and ensure smooth integration with the rest of the building works.

The course covers:

  • PV basics - how solar PV works, calculating annual output from a system, export tariffs.
  • PV equipment - panels, inverters, power optimisers, mounting systems for flat and sloping roofs, building integrated PV,  surge protection, export limitation.
  • System design.
  • Pre-installation approvals - DNO, planning etc.
  • Installation - timelines, practical considerations.
  • Maintenance and support.
  • Market developments.
why commercial solar panels

Introduction to Battery Storage Systems

Our battery CPD course provides up-to-date information on the fast changing world of energy storage, as applied in domestic properties and commercial organisations.

The course covers:

  • Applications of storage.
  • Technologies - inverter / charger brands, all-in-one energy storage systems, battery chemistries, battery brands. Evaluation of efficiency, life cycles, safety etc.
  • An economic perspective - savings, lifetime cost per kWh, performance with solar PV.
  • Using storage for backup.
  • Off-grid systems.

Introduction to EV Charging Systems

Our EV CPD course provides an introductory overview of EV chargepoints and practical design considerations for their installation. Understand a technology that is rapidly becoming more common in people's homes, businesses and public spaces.

The course covers:

  • EV charging basics - key chargepoint parameters, charger rates, connection types and charging modes.
  • EV chargepoint functionality - often more than just a socket, we look at some key functionality of domestic and commercial chargepoints.
  • Design considerations and DNO permission.
  • Grants and mandatory schemes - domestic and commercial grants, new build EV schemes.
  • Case study for business EV chargepoints.

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