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CPD Training for Solar PV and Battery Storage

CPD Training Solar PV and Battery Storage

We offer free CPD Certified Training for architects, consultants, estimators and specifiers. We run two courses, one on Solar PV and another on Battery Storage.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

We work with many architects, specifiers, contractors and consultants, many of whom want to learn about our products, whilst receiving accredited ‘continuing professional development’.


We have therefore developed training courses to cover solar and battery storage. 

The training typically take place over lunch time and lasts approximately one hour. 

We do not charge for the training, and what's more, as long as you are within an 80 mile radius of Reading 

we come to you so it's easy for you and ABSOLUTELY FREE!  If you are more than 80 miles from Reading, please still get in touch as we should be able to offer the training, although we may ask for a contribution to travel expenses.

Our courses are as follows:

Solar PV Design & Installation – A Practical Guide 

This course provides an introductory overview of practical design and  installation of solar PV. Increase your knowledge at the design stage to avoid pitfalls later and ensure smooth integration with rest of the building works.

The course covers:

  • PV basics - how solar PV works, calculating annual output from a system.
  • PV equipment - panels, inverters, power optimisers, mounting systems for flat and sloping roofs, building integrated PV,  surge protection, export limitation.
  • System design.
  • Pre-installation approvals - DNO, planning etc.
  • Installation - timelines, practical considerations.
  • Maintenance and support.
  • Market developments.

To find our Solar PV course on the CPD website, visit and search for Solar PV or Spirit Energy.

Introduction to Battery Storage Systems

This course provides up-to-date information on the fast changing world of energy storage, as applied in domestic properties and commercial organisations.

The course covers:

  • Applications of storage.
  • Technologies - inverter / charger brands, all-in-one energy storage systems, battery chemistries, battery brands.  Evaluation of efficiency, life cycles, safety etc.
  • An economic perspective - savings, lifetime cost per kWh, performance with solar PV.
  • Using storage for back-up.
  • Off-grid systems.

 To find our Battery Storage course on the CPD website, visit and search for Battery Storage or Spirit Energy .

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'Great CPD. All participants found it very interesting and useful, Spirit Energy are clearly at the forefront of current technology and it's interesting to see how battery technology is being deployed.' - Liam Seamer

What areas does Spirit Cover?

We operate within a 90 mile radius of ReadingBerkshire, a 50 mile radius of Coventry and a 50 mile radius of Telford:

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