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Commercial Batteries

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Use battery storage for UPS back-up, TRIAD charge avoidance and to earn an income from the grid. 3-8 year payback... 

The commercial battery storage opportunity

Cost effective energy storage has finally arrived, bringing all businesses the opportunity to:

  • store electricity from solar panels: if you have a solar system, store excess solar for later use rather than export it to the grid;
  • reduce peak electricity costs by reducing 'time-of-use' surcharges such as TRIAD charges (TNUoS) and DUoS;
  • earn income by providing support services such as firm frequency regulation and capacity market payments to the National Grid*;
  • install a reliable commercial UPS battery back-up (replacing environmentally unfriendly diesel generators);
  • avoid the need for costly grid upgrades e.g. to support EV charger roll-out;
  • reduce carbon footprint by reducing transmission losses (when used with on site generation) and making the grid greener by eliminating the need for further investment in fossil fuel generation.

The typical payback time for a commercial battery storage system is around 5 years, with IRR% over 15 years running at 5% - 20%.

Attention high electricity users! Funded battery storage has arrived...

We work closely with financiers and are able to offer funded energy storage solutions to high electricity users, meeting these criteria:

  • an import connection sized at 1000kVa plus;
  • minimum base load of 500kW and / or potential for export connection;
  • long-term (10-15 year) intention to utilise premises (and maintain current load), satisfactory credit history.

Effectively the investment fund retains ownership of the battery to use to earn grid income, whilst you benefit from significantly reduced TRIAD charges and DUoS charges, and possibly a commercial UPS battery back-up.  Download our free fact sheet for more information:

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Funded commercial and industrial energy storage 


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Why Spirit?

  • We are integrated solution providers, with the ability to design, install and maintain a complete solution including low voltage switchgear, converters, batteries and battery management system. Via our partners, we can also provide any high voltage work required. We can integrate with solar, wind, and EV chargers as required.
  • We work with energy storage manufacturers, aggregators and other providers (e.g. EV charger manufacturers) to optimise the solution that we provide, whether on-grid or off-grid.
  • We are not tied to any one technology or manufacturer. We work with a whole range of technologies (for example lithium ion, lithium ferro phosphate, zinc hybrid, copper zinc), and a range of manufacturers, including ABB, Sungrow, Samsung, NPS-EOS Aurora and Simpli-Phi.
  • We offer funded energy storage solutions, with access to a range of financiers and financial instruments to suit different balance sheet and regulatory requirements.
  • We are techies, paying attention to the detail. And we are passionate about the technology. Our vision for the future is for every building to have on-site power generation and storage, creating a grid of interconnected ‘micro’ power plants. Our mission is to make that future happen faster.

*The Grid Under Pressure: With around 30 GigaWatts of older fossil fuel and nuclear generation due to be de-commissioned by 2025, the UK is marching towards an energy capacity ‘gap’. The ‘capacity margin’, the buffer between peak demand and supply, has tightened, and the National Grid is being forced to take measures to secure additional capacity. Historically coal has accounted for a large proportion of current UK balancing services, but coal will be fully decommissioned by 2025, which will make the problem of balancing demand and supply in the grid more challenging, particularly as intermittent solar and wind generation becomes more prevalent. The Grid is therefore paying for grid balancing services and spare capacity; fast response batteries are ideally placed to provide these services, usually via an aggregator.

Where does Spirit install?

All projects are managed in house and installed by our technicians. We operate within an approximate 100 mile radius of ReadingBerkshire, shown on the map below:

Commercial Energy Storage - Spirit Energy

Download our Funded Energy Storage Fact Sheet:

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