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EV Chargepoint Installation

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A £500 grant is available towards the cost of a smart domestic EV chargepoint.  Installed cost to you from £600 inc VAT. 

Key facts: Electric car charging for homeowners

  • £500 OLEV Home Charge grant available for homeowners to assist with cost of installation (up to 75% of installation cost).
  • Home chargepoint fully installed from £600 inc. VAT for a smart 7kW chargepoint.
  • All you need to know about chargepoints here.
  • Several technologies available from us (zappi, EVBox, EO, Rolec, and 'car-specific' - Tesla, Porsche, Mercedes etc). We can advise you on which is best for you.
  • See our Home Chargepoint Comparison Table here Demonstrates the range of functionality available - from a 'dumb' charger to fully monitored and metered system.
  • 16A or 32A Mode 3 chargepoint available – we recommend 32A / 7kW (typically 5-6 hour charge).  
  • We can specify and install battery storage if you need to boost your connection size and trickle charge the battery to fast charge the car.

If you have Solar PV, consider zappi

zappi is an EV chargepoint with special eco charging modes to make the most of on-site solar PV generation.  We strongly recommend the zappi chargepoint for anyone who has solar PV, or plans to install solar PV in the future. For more information, click here.

Why choose Spirit?

  • Spirit are OLEV Home Charge approved installers, thus enabling us to claim the £500 OLEV grant on your behalf.
  • The electric vehicle market is changing all of the time – we have specialists in our technical department, dedicated to staying up to date.
  • We operate both in the commercial / workplace charging arena and in the domestic arena, thus we are familiar with and trained in the full range of technologies available, including access methods and payment options. You can install multiple chargepoints and / or turn your chargepoint into an income stream if you want to….
  • We provide fully integrated solutions – we can optimise battery storage, solar and EV charging to work together, relevant if you need to boost your grid connection to fast charge your car.

All projects are managed in house and installed by our installers. 

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Homeowner EV Charging - Spirit Energy

Areas We Cover

For servicing and EV charging, we work within a 20 mile radius of Reading, Berkshire:


For PV and battery installations, please see our service area map.

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One day your home will need an EV chargepoint... Keep informed with our regular updates on EV charging, battery storage and solar PV.