Battery Self Survey

Photo Guide

To help us give as accurate a quote as possible we will need some pictures of your property. We have provided some examples below to help.

The photos we will need are as follows:

1. Close up of main consumer unit

Requirements prior to install:

  • Full RCD protection.
  • PV on non-shared RCD.
consumer unit close up

2. General area of consumer unit

consumer unit area

3. General area of electricity meter

  • For a straightforward Powerwall installation, there should ideally be space next to (or above) the electricity meter for the Gateway (H 584mm x W 380mm x D 127mm).
meter cupboard

4. Inside meter cupboard

electricity meter

5. Proposed battery location

  • Ideally ground floor (at ground level) close to the main incoming supply.
  • Tesla Powerwall 2 is IP65 rated so can be located outside.

battery location