Self Survey

EV Photo Guide

To help us give as accurate a price as possible we will need some pictures of your property and potential EV charge point location. We have provided some examples below to help.

When you have these pictures, head back to the self-survey form - don't worry if you accidentally closed it, we have emailed you a link to take you back to where you left off!

The photos we will need are as follows:

Fuseboard location

A clear picture of your fuseboard and the surrounding area.


Fuseboard far

Fuseboard close-up

A close-up image of your fuseboard so that we can check the current layout and how the fuseboard is populated.


Incoming supply

An image of your electricity supply, showing your meter, cut-out fuse and earthing arrangement.


Charger location

An image of where you would like your chargepoint to be located, whether it is inside a garage or on the side of your house. Feel free to send a couple of options if you are unsure!

Cable run 5 - Charger site

Cable run to chargepoint

We need to know the approximate cable run from your fuseboard to your preferred EV chargepoint location. This can be in the form of a plan, such as to the right, or a series of images.

Proposed location
EV Self Survey Photo Guide

Areas we cover

For EV charging, we work within a 20 mile radius of Reading, Berkshire:


For PV and battery installations, please see our service area map.

Call us on 0118 951 4490 to discuss your project, or send in your plans for a free quotation.