Solar PV

Roof Type Guide

Here are some examples to help you identify the type of tiles on your roof. It's useful for us to know, as it affects ease and cost of installation.

When you've identified your roof, head back to the self survey form.

1. Slate tiles

Thin, blue-grey tiles, which may be interlocking. These roofs are more expensive to install on, as the tiles are particularly fragile and fiddly to work around.

Close up of the relevant roof to help identify the tiles 2 - Copy

2. Concrete tiles

Thick, grey-brown tiles (sometimes ridged).

Concrete tile roof

3. Rosemary tiles

Thin and small, red-brown tiles. Slightly more expensive to install on than concrete.

Rosemary tile roof

4. Flat roof

It's often not practical or financially viable to retrofit solar panels on domestic flat roofs - see here for more info.

Flat roof