Solar PV

Troubleshooting Guide

Most problems with your PV system can be solved remotely without us needing to visit. Please try the steps in the troubleshooting guide below and get in touch if you need assistance.

Common issues

If your inverter and/or meter isn't displaying anything and is completely blank, then this means that there is no AC power which more often than not means something must have tripped.

How to resolve

  1. Go to the 'combi box', which is a box with a plastic/metal lid that contains the isolator, meter and trip switch. This is normally located next to your fuseboard.

  2. If the trip switch is down then just push it up to the 'on' position and wait 10 minutes and everything should return to normal:

    AC isolator Combi board
  3. If this doesn't work, the combi box may well be fed by another MCB/RCBO switch in your main fuseboard. That should be labelled solar - if this is down, push it up:

    Solar MCB in fuseboard
  4. If you've had electrical work done or a smart meter fitted, then the AC isolator may have been switched off as a safety precaution and may not have been switched back on. See the resetting inverter section for advice on locating your AC isolator.

If the inverter is still blank...

If the meter has values on it and is illuminated but the inverter is blank then the inverter is likely to be faulty.

If you can safely get to the inverter, please call us or take pictures of what you see for us to review.

We may ask you to reset the inverter.

Sometimes a reset of the inverter can fix a problem, especially if it's a communication problem / changed service provider.

  1. Start with the AC isolator (see images below) and turn it off.

  2. Turn the DC isolator(s) off.

  3. Wait 5 mins.

  4. Turn the DC isolator(s) on.

  5. Turn the AC isolator on.

If error codes are being displayed, please take pictures and record the error message for us to review.

External AC iso-1 Combi board
External AC isolator AC isolator in combi board
Inverter inc external DC + AC isos Inverter integrated DC iso
External DC isolators Integrated DC isolators


This is very common with our ABB OD1065 generation meter - the meter displays this error when the inverter isn’t generating. Therefore at night it will display error 403. 

If you see this error in the day, follow the inverter reset procedure.

If your Sunny Beam stops working we would recommend replacing the batteries. The specific batteries recommended by SMA are no longer in production. According to SMA, you can use the Sanyo brand “Eneloop”. Any Eneloop AA 1800 - 1900mAh battery will be compatible with your Sunny Beam, despite the fact that they are 1.2V.

SolarEdge issues

This means there is a communication problem, i.e. the cable is unplugged or the internet service provider has changed.

Please ensure that your inverter is able to connect to the internet. If you have recently changed your internet provider or your router, you will need to reconnect your inverter.

This means that there is an issue with one of the optimisers located behind the panel but that the system is working otherwise. It is a minor issue, but if you would like to resolve it, please contact your installer to lodge a case with SolarEdge. This typically takes between 7-10 working days. If the optimiser needs to be replaced under warranty, your installer will need to wait for SolarEdge to send one before it can be booked in for fitting.

This means that there is an issue with your inverter. Please contact your installer for them to lodge a case with SolarEdge for more information on the fault. This typically takes between 7- 10 working days.

There are two versions of the SolarEdge inverter: an older one with a screen, and a new one without a screen.

Screen version

Please follow this guide.

Screenless version

  1. Download the SolarEdge app on your phone.

  2. Login with the same details as your online monitoring account.

  3. Follow instructions on the app to reconnect your inverter to the internet.

This video walkthrough will help too:

If you're looking to book in electrical servicing or maintenance for a solar PV system installed by Spirit, please give us a ring on 0118 951 4490 or hit the button below:

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