Key Sectors

Higher Education

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Spirit has installed solar PV on several higher education campuses. Our most innovative clients are now spearheading the drive into battery storage.

Spirit has installed solar PV on several university and further education college campuses. Our most innovative clients are spearheading the drive into battery storage, installing systems for research and demonstration purposes, as well as to provide back up, earn grid income, and save cost.


Spirit has installed solar PV on many higher education buildings, including Goldsmith’s (University of London), the new Cubric Building at Cardiff University, Wolfson College (Oxford University), Warwick University, and Burnley College. Our largest educational installation to date (and the largest of its kind in the country) was the 634kWp installed for Sparsholt College in Winchester which was commissioned in February 2016.

Key technologies for the higher education sector include solar PV and electric vehicle charge points, and LED lighting retro-fits which can cut electricity bills by 50-70%. Where solar has already been installed, we can assist with servicing and maintenance.

Battery storage is being considered by a number of universities, interested both in research and in the income generation/ cost avoidance potential of the technology, as well as its ability to provide a cleaner backup alternative to diesel.

Transform your energy use at no upfront cost

Our in-house expertise includes accounting and structured finance. We work in partnership with energy efficiency financiers, offering lease finance, Power Purchase Agreements and lighting as a service.

Using finance, we can help you to transform your energy use with no, or very little, upfront cost.

 Our services include:

  • Free initial consultation and ballpark quotation.
  • Free completion of tender documents.
  • In depth feasibility studies and system design.
  • Technology integration – on-grid and off-grid solar, storage, lighting controls, EV charging and voltage optimisation.
  • Installation using in-house installers, servicing and maintenance.
  • Financing support to help you transform your energy use at no upfront cost.

Call us on 0118 951 4490 for assistance, whether for a specific installation project, or for a wider review of energy management and efficiency.