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So we can be sure we have the right address, please use the map below to place a pin on the roof of your property.

  • Firstly: use the input below to search for your postcode, or press Use Current GPS Location to use your current GPS location.
  • Then: click the map below in the relevant place to set a marker directly on the rooftop of your property

Once the marker is in the correct location, please press Confirm This Location to move on to the next step.

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However, before you go, we can give a much more accurate quote with a few photos of your property. If you can't do this right now, don't worry. You can come back to this page whenever you like using the link that we have emailed to you, and also included below:

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If you are able to take the photos now, see our helpful guide for taking the pictures. Then please continue to the next step by pressing the 'Next' button below. Or, if you would like to edit the location you just gave, click 'Back'.

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