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EO: an overview

The beauty of EO's offering is that it is very simple, modular and scalable. The entry level EO Mini Pro is a smart chargepoint providing an easy-to-use and cost-effective home charging. The EO Genius is a 'dumb but smart-ready' charger to which intelligence can be added as required via EO Hub, EO App and EO Cloud. Because the 'intelligence' sits outside of the chargepoint, the system can be scaled cost-effectively with 30 'dumb' chargepoints capable of being controlled by a single EO Hub. The fact that the intelligence sits outside the chargepoint is one of the key differences between EO and competitor chargers.

Using the EO Genius and EO Hub, it is possible to roll out EO's offering by adding more and more low cost 'dumb' chargepoints, leveraging the intelligence that sits in the EO Hub, and the software contained within the EO App and EO Cloud. By sitting the 'intelligence' outside the chargepoints, the system can be scaled at low cost, with one EO Hub controlling 30 chargers. Multiple EO Hubs can be viewed via a single account on EO Cloud. Furthermore, by having centrally managed, software upgrades are simple.

The software currently provides energy usage monitoring, billing, payment, benefit-in-kind calculations, and active load management. Payment for the software is via a modest annual subscription charge, payable for each charger managed.

EO has a vision to provide an integrated system combining EV charging with solar, battery storage and other devices with the 'smart-grid', enabling users to optimise use of solar PV, and keep grid import costs to a minimum. All of this functionality will be available to domestic and commercial users via the software, with upgrades available to existing users. 

EO Mini Pro

EO Mini datasheet

EO Mini Pro (silver)

The EO Mini Pro is a compact wall-mounted single socket chargepoint, designed for domestic properties. It is the world's smallest smart charger and is popular due to its minimal look. Designed for single phase (230V) connections, it can provide power at 16A / 3.6kW or 32A / 7.2kW. You can choose between 4 colours, and a tethered or untethered Type 2 universal socket option.

It comes with a 3 year product warranty.

For an additional cost, the EO Mini Pro can match car charging with the output of a solar array. It can also power balance to avoid overloading your home's electricity supply.

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EO Genius

EO Genius datasheet

EO Genius

When the EO Genius is connected to an EO Hub it becomes a smart charger. The EO Hub is a small internet connected box that plugs into a Genius charger and puts it online, allowing remote connection to, and control of a charger via EO Cloud and EO App (see below for available functionality).

One EO Hub can connect up to 30 Genius chargers, making installing multiple smart chargers super cost effective.

The EO Hub can be retrofitted. So you can start with a low cost 'dumb' charger, and make it 'intelligent' if and when you are ready to upgrade.

EO Hub, EO Cloud and EO App

EO Hub allows you to control your Genius chargers via EO Cloud and EO App.

EO Cloud

EO Portal

EO Cloud is EO's software platform, enabling online management of all of an operator's EO chargepoints. Key functionality is as follows:

  • chargepoint registration;
  • access restriction to specific individuals;
  • remote monitoring;
  • billing and tariff management (set pricing, generate revenue);
  • link home and work charging to record benefit-in-kind tax;
  • reserve chargepoints for guests;
  • active load management (see below).

Settlement and invoicing is outside of EO Cloud, based on usage data captured within EO Cloud. In the near future it will integrate with the smart-grid, solar PV and battery storage; enabling our fleet customers to generate revenue from grid-services and reduce (potentially remove) the requirement for upgrading their power supply.

EO Smart Home App

EO App

EO Smart Home App is used for home charging. Key features are as follows:

  • start and stop charging;
  • lock your charger remotely;
  • schedule charging and sync with your energy tariff;
  • monitoring of energy use, charging history reporting.

Active load management and smart charging

With EO's load management feature chargepoints can be set to charge only during off peak periods, or at an optimum time, as determined by EO's software.

EO’s system monitors the incoming supply of the building and alters the charging current based on the building's power requirements, utilising CT clamps on the incoming supply. This ensures there is no overloading of the building. ALM is critical for high electrical usage buildings or sites with a large number of chargepoints. 

Note that EO's load management is done using hardware and therefore is not dependant on the internet - there is no danger of breaching the supply maximum if the internet goes down. Further, the load management takes into account other loads in the building, not just the chargers.

Coming soon: smart-grid integration

In the near future EO Hub will integrate with the smart-grid, solar PV and battery storage, enabling fleet customers to generate revenue from grid-services and reduce (potentially remove) the requirement for upgrading their power supply.