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Why do I need a home energy monitor?monitoring

Ever wondered why your electricity bills are so high?

Now you can find out exactly why and more importantly, reduce your electricity bills. Many people are unaware of how much power some devices use, even when they are on standby.

Once you have your home energy monitor, we recommend turning off everything in your home, and then gradually turning each appliance back on individually. This gives an idea of the best and worst appliances for energy usage in your home. You may be surprised, for example, how much electricity your halogen downlighters use – see our page on LEDs for more information.

Also, if you are thinking about batteries, then we would recommend a home energy monitor to ensure the battery is correctly sized.

The high resolution monitoring data recorded by the Smappee is the best way for us to be able to specify the right battery system for you.

The Smappee


It identifies the individual electrical appliances in the house and gives real-time energy readings as well as costs. It is possible to control all the devices in the house individually, remotely.

These days electricity monitors have become commonplace, but we believe that the Smappee is the best home energy monitor on the market. It teaches itself to recognise appliances in the home.

Once set up it is possible to see where there are savings to be made on electricity bills.

The Solar Smappee provides the additional functionality of working with solar panels, so it is possible see exactly how much energy from the solar panels is used in the home.

Benefits of each Smappee type 
  Smappee Smappee Solar 
Electricity monitoring
Solar panel monitoring  
Single phase compatible
Three phase compatible
No subscription fees
Free Comfort Plug – switch appliances on and off remotely

smappee interface

Smart meterssmart meter

Most households will receive a smart meter at some point, which will enable consumers to monitor their total instantaneous electricity usage, in monetary terms.

Making more people aware of the direct financial consequences of their energy usage is sure to reduce overall electricity consumption.

Also, there’ll be no more meter readings (which you were indirectly paying for through your bills), as billing information will be sent straight to your electricity supplier.

However, the Smappee will still have the additional benefit of enabling consumers to monitor the individual electrical load of each appliance, as well as showing their ‘always on’ load. This will ensure minimal use of high usage appliances, and increase awareness of electrical devices on standby that still consume power. Smart meters will also not be able to measure the amount of electricity you are using from your solar panels, like the Smappee can.

Smart meters will still help us specify the right size battery system to meet your electricity needs, as we can gain a better picture of how your electricity usage varies seasonally and throughout the day and night.

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