Battery storage as a service

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Key facts

We install a 50kW to 5MW battery at your premises, for a period of 10-15 years. The installation is funded by an investor and covered by a service agreement between the investor and the site owner (or the electricity bill payer if the site is on a long lease).

The site owner receives one or more of these benefits:

  • use of the battery for peak charge avoidance see (“Time-Shifting”: The Cost Avoidance Opportunity for High Energy Users on this page)
  • where required, a UPS back-up for the full site or for essential supplies such as emergency lighting;
  • Voltage Optimisation equipment to lower usage and bills, where it would be of financial benefit.

The investor receives:

  • income from the National Grid for providing ancillary services such as Firm Frequency Regulation (FFR);
  • rental from the site owner in return for the on-site benefits provided by the battery.

The battery makes the Grid a bit greener by:

  • facilitating the de-carbonisation of the electricity supply by smoothing out the peaks and troughs of renewable supply;
  • increasing self-consumption and decreasing transmission losses if and when renewables such as solar are installed on site;
  • reducing the need for the National Grid to invest in fossil fuels and / or nuclear to meet peak demand.  With storage, the 30% forecast cut in power plant electricity generation by 2025 becomes manageable.

Note that the system sizing depends on available space, the size of the import connection and the headroom between the maximum import allowable, and maximum use

To read more about the benefits of commercial battery storage, visit our knowledge bank, or download our Funded Battery Storage Factsheet.

Download our Funded Battery Storage Factsheet:

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