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Introducing Andersen EV chargers

Andersen produces perhaps the best looking EV chargepoints on the market, distinctive for housing the charging cable inside the unit when not in use. The company focuses on quality, premium materials and British manufacturing.

Andersen A2: key features

Andersen’s flagship product is the A2, with key features as follows:


Type 2

Charging capability


Tethered cable

5.5m or 8.5m for 7kW charging

6.5m for 22kW charging

Chassis material

Stainless steel

Front material

Nylon-sprayed metal or sustainable accoya timber


Dimmable lights for nighttime use


494 x 348 x 148 mm (h x w x d)


Remote locking

Smart control

Konnect + app

Charge time scheduling?

Surplus solar charging?

The thing that makes the Andersen A2 stand out is the exceptional design. Its flexible cable wraps round inside the chassis, meaning no loose cables on view when the product isn’t in use. You can choose between 4 colours for the metal chassis, and between 8 metal shades or 4 wooden shades for the front. The materials chosen are extremely durable and there is a lifetime guarantee on the chassis.

Smart controls

To make the most efficient use of EV charging, it’s essential to have smart capabilities. Luckily the Andersen does, through its Konnect + app. This allows you to lock the charger remotely (or grant friends and family access), track charging costs, set schedules for off peak tariffs, and manage charging from surplus solar energy.

The chargepoint also receives free software updates automatically.

Solar integration

If you have a solar PV system, you can choose to charge your car from excess solar power, similar to the zappi. The chargepoint is installed with two CT clamps, one for the inverter and one for the grid. Via the app, you can set the amount of surplus solar power to use per charge (for example you could set this to 100% to charge your car only from solar). Note that solar integration costs an extra £119.


Spirit Energy is an approved Andersen installer. The average price for an Andersen A2 charger installation is £2,000 including VAT. Since the design is customisable, each product is made to order and can take up to 6 weeks to produce.

Prices can vary depending on location and complexity of install. Please note that we only install domestic EV chargers alongside new solar PV systems.

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