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New Build EV Requirements in London

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new_build_ev_charging.jpgLondon Planning laws dictate that new developments must make provisions for electric vehicle charging stations. Up to 40% of parking allocations must be able to connect an electric vehicle.

Active or passive?

The guidance makes a distinction between active and passive parking spaces.

Active parking spaces are defined as being fully wired and ready to use.

Passive parking spaces are defined as having the necessary infrastructure in place at the time of development, as it is both cheaper and less disruptive to be EV-ready, than to have to put in new infrastructure during retrofit.

Planning guidance state that at residential developments must have at least:

  • 20% active and 20% passive parking spaces on residential developments.
  • 20% active and 10% passive parking spaces for employees.
  • 10% active and 10% passive parking spaces for visitors or shoppers.

Standard, fast or rapid chargers

The planners put EV charging stations into 3 categories defined below:

  • Standard chargers – single phase 3kW – 6hr chargers.
  • Fast chargers – single phase 6kW – 3 hour chargers.
  • Rapid chargers – multiphase 48kW (DC) – 30 minute chargers.

Standard chargers are defined as being suitable for parking areas where cars are likely to be left overnight or during the daytime – e.g. residential, places of work.

Fast chargers are defined as being suited to parking areas where less time will be spent e.g. retail car parks.


Active EV chargers should be located in prominent positions to raise the profile of EV chargers.

Owning management and payment

Freeholders or management are to install and operate the chargers as they see fit. It does however state that non EV owners should not be subsidising the electricity used by EVs through the payment of maintenance charges.

Additionally that heavy users of the EV stations should pay proportionally more than the moderate users.

How does it work?

Spirit offers a range of smart meter controlled charging devices that are able to bill customers for their usage.

Our team of in house installers are capable of installing both active parking points and upgrading passive parking bays to enable you to take advantage of the infrastructure already in place.

Our fully operated and maintained electric vehicle charging points enables free holders to bill other users for the electricity that they use to top up their vehicles. Anyone can use the charging points, and are able to use an online booking in procedure to top up their vehicle.

Do you have a project which requires electric vehicle chargers?

We offer full advice and support to builders, developers, architects and specifiers to ensure that the best electric vehicle charging solution is achieved for your project!

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