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Rolec EV charging: an overview

Rolec EV manufactures a range of EV charging units, suitable for domestic charging, commercial charging, off-street parking and on-street parking. The company offers various payment and management options. An overview of the range is as follows, with detailed information presented below:


  • WallPod system with options for Economy charging and EV HomeSmart control. 


  • WallPod Single Phase / 3 Phase systems.
  • BasicCharge Pedestal.
  • AutoCharge (pedestal) and SecuriCharge (wall-mounted) also have a free to use version (see below).
  • StreetServ.
  • StreetCharge/ Quantum.

Charger management

  • EV ChargeOnline - designed for public networks, allows any driver to pay via their smartphone, money is collected by Rolec and credited to 'Host' account (soon to be replaced by upcoming VendElectric platform).
  • EV ControlCentre - designed for multiple chargers in one location, acting like a 'parking ticket' machine, allowing drivers to pay using coins or tokens.
  • GroupManager - means of managing a private network of chargers - drivers can authorise using a key fob.

The Rolec WallPod

Downloads are as follows:

Rolec’s WallPod charger is a simple, low-cost, easy to install, mode three EV charging station designed specifically for charging electric vehicles at home.

There are also 3 phase options available for work (but note that whilst these have a key for access, they have no payment system which could present a problem for Employee Benefit tracking, depending on application).

The WallPod is actually a system developed by Rolec to supply utility services in the home. Each unit has two interchangeable pods, which can be used for various applications. With EV charging, one is a charger and the other is an RCD breaker. The system comes with a 1 year guarantee and qualifies for the OZEV homeowner grant

Note that only intelligent chargers qualify for the OZEV grant for home car chargers of up to £350. TheWallPod: EV HomeSmart qualifies.

Options: Domestic

The WallPod system can be used to provide 10A Mode 2 charging - in this case you are essentially installing an outdoor rated 13A socket:

Rolec Mode 2

However, we generally do not recommend this - we always recommend you install a Mode 3 system. This is available with a tethered cable (Type 1, Type 2) or a universal Type 2 socket (you use the car cable). They are available in single phase (230V) with rating 16 A /3.6 kW or 32 A/7.2 kW. There is also a MultiMode option which has an additional plug socket, useful for garden maintenance, and an optional wall mounting plate.

Rolec Mode 3 Tethered Lead Rolec Non-Tether WallPod Rolec MultiMode Rolec Wallpod Mounting Plate
Type 1 or Type 2 Tethered Cable Universal Type 2 Socket MultiMode Mounting Plate

Note that there is also an Economy Boost option whereby the upper 'pod' (incorporating the breaker) also incorporates a time clock and boost button system which allows the charging of the EV to automatically commence during off-peak electricity times/rates. The charge boost button can be pressed at any time to override the time clock in order to provide additional or instant EV charging.

The EV HomeSmart Charging Unit is a version of the WallPod which comes complete with built-in modem, Mode 3 controller, MID approved kWh meter, protective switchgear, electrical contactor and GPRS signal antennae if required. This enables the user to interact with the WallPod via smartphone. Specifically the user can switch the WallPod on and off, and monitor their account, charging history and kWh consumption. This information can also be relayed to a third party if necessary.

Rolec WallPod EV HomeSmart

Options: Commercial / 3 Phase

The WallPod single phase (230V) commercial range is the same as the domestic single phase range above.

In addition "SuperFast" (11kW / 22kW) 3 phase chargers are available, with Type 1 and Type 2 tethered options and a Type 2 universal socket option:

Commercial Rolec Tether Commercial Rolec Universal

Chargepoint management

Before looking in detail at the chargepoints, Rolec offers the following by way of charger management:

EV ControlCentre - Designed to centrally manage localised multiple EV charging points from a single control panel, allowing up to 18 EV chargepoints/bays to be managed from one ControlCentre. The system is designed to be similar in operation to a car park ticket machine. The driver parks in the EV chargepoint parking bay and, through this unit, initiates the EV charging procedure. The system can be set up as free-to-use or pay-to-use, operated via coin or token. It can be upgraded from one to the other at a later date.

The EV ControlCentre can control and manage the entire Rolec EV charging product range, including WallPod, SecuriCharge, BasicCharge and AutoCharge. Available as a 6-unit, 12 unit, or 18 unit ControlCentre.

Download datasheet

Rolec ControlCentreEV GroupManager – This has been designed to allow an organisation or operator to manage a private EV charging network from a single central computerised location.

The system operates by issuing nominated EV drivers with their own secure personal RFID card/fob, containing the driver/vehicle ID. The driver then presents their card/fob to the chargepoint, which authenticates the card/fob and via GPRS, WiFi or Ethernet communicates with the cloud based back office management system, requesting authorisation to initiate the charging cycle.   

Upon authorisation from the management cloud, which takes only seconds, charging will commence with the cloud recording the driver/vehicle ID, charging start time, the kWh used and the charging end time. This charging information is always hosted in the cloud and can be accessed at anytime, from anywhere, by the system operator to compile management reports, benefit in kind data and billing information. 

  • Monitors, records and cloud hosts both driver and chargepoint activity (user ID, user activity, user authorisation, chargepoint location, chargepoint activity, charge time period(s), kWh consumption).
  • Drivers use an RFID card/fob to operate.
  • Can be managed from one or more computer terminals.
  • Secure GSM/Ethernet/Wi-Fi network connectivity.
  • Automatic authorisation/authentication of driver.
  • Manages unlimited chargepoint.
  • Ideal for fleets, businesses, clubs, lease companies, housing developments, etc.
  • Ideal for benefit-in-kind management.
  • OCPP/Back Office.

EV Charge Online - This is designed to allow chargepoints to be part of a public network, with charger management outsourced to Rolec.

The system enables all EV drivers to pull up to a chargepoint and, using their mobile phone, tablet or in-car connectivity, login to the chargepoint and pay on the spot for its use. There are no annual membership fees or monthly subscription fees, and thus the system provides unrestricted and open access to all EV drivers. Hosts do not have to pay license fees and can have a chargepoint (and revenue stream) installed and operational quickly and easily, just by providing an electricity supply. The system can be quickly and easily retrofitted into existing public facing charging pedestals, even if manufactured and installed by other companies. This enables the host to fully open up their charging network to each and every EV driver, in turn allowing the EV driver to withdraw from their current costly subscription and membership schemes and operate on a Pay-As-You-Go basis.

EV Charge Online is not only beneficial for the EV driver, in so much as they only pay when they use the chargepoint, but also benefits the host. With EV Charge Online hosts will not have to pay any license fees and can have a chargepoint installed and operational quickly and easily, simply by providing an electricity supply.

EV Charge Online can be installed at any location throughout the UK, from a single chargepoint through to a multi chargepoint network, and provides the host with an instant revenue stream - payable directly into their bank account.

This new PAYG system can be incorporated into almost all of Rolec’s EV chargepoint product range, which covers the domestic, commercial and public facing markets.

EV Charge Online has many features including:

  • texting/emailing EV drivers when their charging cycle is nearing completion;
  • a facility for waiting EV drivers to prompt the system to remind the absent EV driver that their charge is complete and to return to their vehicle and relocate.


UltraSMART merges EV Charge Online, EV GroupManager and EV SmartCharge within one technology platform, thus allowing a large operator to manage all aspects of Rolec's EV charging within a single management solution.

It brings additional functionality as follows:

  • Battery Storage Integration – call upon previously stored battery power as and when required. This feature can also direct renewable power sources such as wind turbines and solar.
  • GridSMART – monitor, manage and balance EV charging networks on a regional scale across the grid.
  • Third Party Connectivity – connect to third party operators - including utility companies, fleet operations, councils, etc.
  • Load Manager – efficiently manage EV charging networks even when electricity availability is limited.
  • DC Rapid Charge Integration – interact with third party DC Rapid Chargers and, when required, connect them to Rolec’s EV Charge Online Pay-As-You-Go charging system.

Charging units: BasicCharge

The BasicCharge EV Pedestal is one of the most affordable and adaptable EV charging pedestals in the world. Charging and consumption can be monitored remotely and the system can be installed as part of a localised EV ControlCentre system, thus which would then allow coin or token payment options.

BasicCharge Single BasicCharge Double
  • Available as single socket and double socket 16amp (3.6kW) and 32amp (7.2kW) single phase chargers. Available as single socket and double socket 3 phase chargers (16A / 11kW and 32A / 22kW). It's possible to combine one single phase and one three phase socket.
  • EV SmartCharge version allows communication with cloud based back office via GPRS to allow monitoring and reporting of charging start / end time and kWh consumption.  The system can also be configured such that the charger can be turned on and off by mobile phone, which check of charging status / consumption by mobile phone.
  • Compliant with all EVs and PHEVs.
  • Can be customised to suit corporate branding.
  • Built around a heavy duty, hot dipped galvanised steel chassis, with high impact resistant black Foamex outer shell.
  • Pedestal height: 1,000mm (plus amenity lighting lens of 130mm). 

Charging units: AutoCharge EV Pedestal


This heavy duty, hard wearing pedestal has been designed for commercial and public facing environments. A Mode 3, Type 2 chargepoint, it is available in a single socket or double socket version, single phase (16A / 3.6kW and 32A / 7.2kW) or 3 phase (16A / 11kW and 32A / 22kW).

The host / operator of the EV chargepoint chooses one of the following options for the charger:

  • Free-to-Use: gives unrestricted EV charging - suitable for almost every location.
  • Keyswitch control: a key is provided in order to activate the charging socket, typically used for providing secure access to staff, members, etc.
  • Coin/TokenMaster: provides a pre-determined EV charging period, activated using a coin/token - popular with hotels, residential parking areas, etc.
  • EV ControlCentre: installed as part of a localised multi-unit system, paid for by coin or token.
  • GroupManager: the EV driver is issued with an RFID card/fob which is then used to activate EV chargepoints within a private network. Charging information is then fed back to a cloud-based management system for billing, data collection, analytics, etc.
  • EV Charge Online: the charger is managed via Rolec's open networked EV charging system, whereby all EV drivers are able to pay for - and control - EV charging via their mobile phone. Connectivity is provided by Vodafone, and the user can Pay-To-Charge using Visa, Mastercard, American Express or PayPal.

Charging units: SecuriCharge wall unit


A robust, heavy duty, vandal resistant wall-mounted EV charging unit, with magnetic locking. It is specifically manufactured for commercial and exposed locations. There is a free-to-use version with keyswitch control as well as a simple pay-to-charge solution via a coin or token payment system.  

It can also be installed as part of an EV ControlCentre system.

A Mode 3, Type 2 charger, it is available in a single socket or double socket version, single phase (16A / 3.6kW and 32A / 7.2kW) or 3 phase (16A / 11kW and 32A / 22kW). Note that the double socket version is only available with free-to-use:

SecuriCharge SecuriCharge SecuriCharge Double
Single socket, free-to-use Single socket, token/coin pay Double socket, free-to-use

Charging units: StreetServ public and private on-street charging


Rolec has designed the StreetServ EV Charging Post to provide EV drivers with no access to off-street parking with their own private on-street EV chargepoint complete with personalised security access. Note that permission would be required from the local council to install this.

The unit incorporates a lockable Type 2, Mode 3, 16amp or 32amp EV charging point, alongside a hatchlock facility and 13amp Mode 2 charging socket. Robust, heavy duty, hard-wearing and vandal resistant, the StreetServ is designed for high risk, public locations such as town centres, car parks and stadiums. 

StreetServ EV Charging Post

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