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About BYD

BYD (‘Build Your Dreams’) is a Chinese manufacturing giant founded in 1995, originally specialising in rechargeable batteries for mobile phones. Since then BYD has expanded into the zero emission energy market, producing everything from electric cars, bikes, buses, monorails and forklifts to solar panels and battery storage (for phones, homes and EVs).

BYD is regarded as one of the most innovative companies in the world, particularly for its work improving battery technology.

BYD battery overview

BYD manufactures an array of different lithium batteries, focusing on LFP (lithium ferro phosphate) for stationary applications. This is recognised as one of the safest battery chemistries, with a thermal runaway of over 480°C, making it suitable for most residential and commercial settings.

Many of the battery ranges are modular so the sizing can be scaled to various projects.

BYD high voltage (HV) range includes the HVS system:

  • HVS is scalable from 5.1-12.8kWh and can be connected to another 2 identical units in parallel for a max capacity of 38.4kWh. Compatible with leading high voltage battery inverters.

BYD low voltage (LV) range includes LVS and LVL systems:

  • LVS is scalable from 4-256kWh, and is compatible with most single and 3 phase inverters.
  • LVL is scalable from 15.4-983kWh, and is compatible with most single and 3 phase inverters.

Where we use BYD

BYD batteries are our go-to for Victron systems, which we often recommend to clients who need off-grid, 3 phase backup, UPS or other bespoke setups.

The BYD HVS batteries are also compatible with SMA and Fronius Gen24 hybrid inverters.