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SMA Storage Business


SMA is a well respected solar inverter and storage manufacturer. SMA Storage Business is a battery system for commercial and industrial applications. The battery component of the system is built on technology from TESVOLT.

SMA Storage package

The SMA Storage Business package includes:

  • Battery inverter: Sunny Tripower Storage 60 - 60kW.
  • Storage and battery management system: SMA Storage Business - 67kWh.
  • Communication units: SMA Inverter Manager together with power supply; SMA Data Manager M; Power analyzer JANITZA UMG 604.

It is a high quality product designed to last up to 30 years (up to 8000 cycles), with 70% capacity at end of life (guaranteed up to 10 years). The system comes with a 5 year product warranty.

Storage capacity is 67kWh but can be expanded to 76kWh. Systems can be scaled up by including more battery units to increase capacity, or more inverters to increase charge/discharge power.


The SMA Storage Business system is designed for commercial use for maximising on site usage of solar energy, peak load shaving and time-of-use arbitrage. It cannot provide grid backup power or operate off-grid.

Battery technology

The battery system is manufactured by TESVOLT. The principal advantage offered by the technology is its innovative Active Battery Optimisation, which individually balances the state of charge of each cell using bi-directional flyback converters (as opposed to uni-directional ‘charge pumps’). This allows for fast and efficient balancing of cells within a stack, which is necessary to prolong the life of the cells. As a result, the batteries are extremely long-lived, with components designed to last up to 8,000 cycles and a lifespan of 30 years.

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