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SMA inverters

About the company

SMA is one of the leading companies that specialise in inverter technology. Founded in 1981, it’s based in Germany but has offices across the globe. It offers premium inverters for all PV markets - residential, commercial and utility projects.

Range table



Number of MPPT trackers



Domestic (single phase)

1.5 - 10kW


97.2% - 98.3%

5 years (standard), 10/15/20 years (extended)

Commercial (three phase)

5 - 30kW


98% - 98.6%

5 years (standard), 10/15/20 years (extended)


2.2 - 3MW


98.6% - 98.8%

63 months (5.25 years)


Sunny Portal - online destination to monitor your system performance. See how much electricity you’re generation and using, including grid consumption and battery charging. You can also join Sunny Places to share your data with other PV owners to compare and exchange ideas.

SMA Smart Connected - SMA inverters with this feature feed system performance back to installers, allowing for proactive fault detection and alerts.

Sunny Home Manager - smart controls for household appliances. Connected appliances, either by radio controlled sockets or smart devices, can be turned on/off when the most solar power is available. The system integrates with weather forecasts to estimate when solar irradiance will be highest. It can then run high-load appliances like washing machines, dishwashers, heat pumps etc during these periods to make the most of your free energy. Via the online portal, you can view all the information about when the system has run such appliances, alongside standard performance data.

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